How Does the Opt-In Process Work? 

How Do You Turn Off Notifications? 

Notifications on iOS, iPhone, and iPad

Notifications in Safari

Does Ad Blocking Prevent PCN Notifications? 

Can I Cloak the PCN Link on Notifications? 

How Does the Opt-In Process Work? 

When a customer visits to your site, the Push Connect Notify ‘Permission’ box will appear on a visitors screen.  This box will remain visible until they either engage or allow the notifications. 

If a visitor X's out the pop-up, a PCN badge will remain on the screen (which is customizable) while they are still on the site. If a visitor selects 'Allow' the pop-up will disappear during this visit.

During future visits to your site:

1) If a visitor has already subscribed: They won't see the Permission Box nor the badge.

2) If a visitor had X'd out earlier: They will see the PCN floating badge.

3) In all other cases, they will see the Permission box again.

How Do You Turn Off Notifications? 

Push Notification subscriptions are managed directly within individual browsers.  All unsubscribes must be handled directly by the user/subscriber themselves.

If you have a customer that is asking for instructions to unsubscribe, they may do so based on the browser they are currently using: 


Within Safari > Preferences > Notifications. Find the row with your campaign name and delete it.


Within Preferences > Content Settings (under Privacy) > Manage Exceptions (under Cookies) > Select your campaign and delete it.


Within Preferences > Content > Notifications > Choose > Select your campaign and remove it.


In the top right-hand corner of Chrome tap the overflow menu. Then, Settings > Site settings > Notifications. Select your campaign site, tap on the bell icon and choose Block.

Please Note: Since subscriptions are managed within individual browsers, subscribers have control of their own subscription. Neither PushConnectNotify Support or a PCN member has the ability to unsubscribe users from Push Notifications.

Notifications On iOS, iPhone, and iPad? 

We looked into supporting integration with all iOS devices but unfortunately, Apple mobile products are not optimized for this type of integration. The process to integrate with 3rd Party push notifications is extremely lengthy and complicated and in the case of iOS, it only works with iOS apps, so we are currently unable to offer Push Connect Notify on those devices. 

However, notifications will function on Safari, when utilized on a MacOS desktop device! And  definitely , keep in mind - 90% of web users are on firefox and chrome, including on Android!

Notifications in Safari

Safari works in a different way and will always provide issues with any push notification system due to the way they require development. It's Apple, after all, and they do their own thing. 

The Safari push notifications permission box is loaded by the Safari browser itself and it works if you're on a Mac  OS X however, t he direct subscription link won't work. You'll have to install the code we give you on the Campaign page to make it work.

If you're still not seeing it, then go to Safari > Preference > Notifications. Inside there, see if you're already subscribed to any other list with the same icon as PCN. If so, delete it and refresh your website and you should see the Safari notification permission box pop up.

You may also lose some editing features if creating or editing your campaign in Safari, so we encourage you to switch to a different browser if you encounter this. 

PCN will work within Safari but it does provide issues here and there with some computers.  

Our development focused on Firefox and Chrome, which equates to 90% of the world Internet users.

Does Ad Blocking Prevent PCN Notifications? 

Some Ad Blocking tools may cause trouble for various components of other products,  however  it should not be an issue within PCN as the notification is directly from the browser itself, and not a separate page. 

Keep in mind that if a user has incognito, or another similar setting enabled, they may not receive push notifications!

Can I Cloak the PCN Link on Notifications? 

Unfortunately, the PCN link or URL display within notifications is a browser setting for notifications, which cannot be edited or cloaked.

It will look something  like:

This is because your subscribers are getting opted in using our platform and the browser stores that information. When you send out a notification, the browser fetches the URL from where they opted in and displays that to the user.

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