Installing and Troubleshooting Shopify

Installing the Shopify App

Installing the Embed Code


Installing the Shopify App

To install your Campaign on to your Shopify page, please start by creating a campaign, making sure to use the correct domain name for your Shopify website. 

Next, select the "gear" icon next to the title of the Campaign you would like to install on your Shopify site. Select "View Details" from the drop-down menu. 

You will be brought to the details of your campaign, scroll to the bottom of this page to find the Shopify App. 

It is suggested that you watch the "Tutorial" for more detailed instruction on how to install the Shopify App. 

We have also included step by step instructions here: 

Select "CONNECT WITH SHOPIFY" to begin. This will prompt a window containing a field where you will need to enter the Url of your Shopify Store. (In the form Next, you will be brought to a window asking you to log in to connect the App to your store. After logging in the App will automatically be connected and your Push Notification will appear! 

Installing the Embed Code

First, navigate to the campaign that you would like to embed, select the "gear" icon and click "Embed Code" or select the "Embed Code" button from inside the Campaign's details page to get started. 

Once you click the "Embed Code" button of your choice a pop-up will appear with the <script> code to paste into your blog! Click "Copy to clipboard" to save it. 

Then navigate to your Shopify store. Click on "Online Store" under the "Sales Channels" of the left-hand sidebar of the dashboard. 

You will then be presented with your themes. On your current theme select "Edit CSS/HTML" from the drop-down menu. 

Next, you will locate the file titled "theme.liquid" under the "Layout" section. 

Here is an example screenshot, keep in mind that different themes have different HTML/CSS setups: 

You will then need to scroll down the code until you find the <body> tag of the HTML code. This can be presented as <body id....> or <body class=...> as long as it says <body>, it is where you will need to post the embed code, that was copied earlier. 

Next "Click" save, then "Preview". You will be shown a preview of your Shop and the Push notification should appear! 


If you have installed the App, but are not seeing the notification, interference with your theme or with other Apps is most likely the cause. 

Please try disabling other Apps. If the issue still occurs, then the theme may be the cause. 

Inside of Shopify, there are certain themes that run specific scripts, and securities that cause Push Connect Notify to not work properly. We can not resolve this on our end, as it seems to be an occurrence with any type of notification program. The only way to resolve the interference is to ultimately change the theme of the Shopify site.

It also may be helpful to install the embed code manually to Shopify. Please see the section above for instruction on how to Install the Embed Code. 

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