Creating, Customizing, and Sending a PushLetter

What is a PushLetter?

Creating and Customizing a PushLetter

Types of Reporting

Deleting a PushLetter

What is a PushLetter? 

A PushLetter is a one-time notification sent to users that have subscribed to your campaign(s). You can use PushLetters to broadcast information to your users about new products, new features, and more!

Creating and Customizing a PushLetter

To create a PushLetter, start by navigating to the, "My PushLetters" section in the Push Connect Notify dashboard and selecting, "Send New PushLetter". 

You will then be brought to the, "New PushLetter" page. Here you will be able to customize and plan your PushLetter. 

Start by uploading or choosing an icon. If you choose to upload an image, it needs to be a jpeg, png, or gif format, and be square (200 x 200) for best results. 

Next, add a catchy title of 60 characters or less, a body description of 100 characters or less, and the URL of the web page you would like users to be sent to when they click the notification. 

When entering the URL make sure to include http:// orhttps://.

While customizing your PushLetter you will see the changes you make appear in real-time in the preview of your PushLetter on the right-side of the, "New PushLetter" page. 

Underneath the preview of your PushLetter, you will need to select who will receive this PushLetter by selecting one of your campaigns in the drop down menu. If you are a Pro member you are also able to select exclusion lists. 

Next, you will be able to select how many times this notification is repeatedly sent. You can resend a notification up to three times if a user has not clicked on it yet. 

You will then be able to choose whether you would like the PushLetter sent now or later. If you choose to send your PushLetter at a later time, you will be able to specify the date, time, and timezone. 

At the center of the bottom of the page, you will be able to see how many user will be receiving your PushLetter (depending on campaigns included, and exclusions). Make sure to select, "All Done" to save your PushLetter once completed! 

You have now created a PushLetter!

Types of Reporting

Once a notification is scheduled and delivery begins, PCN tries for 24 hours to contact a subscriber.  After  this delivery period  ends a final report will be available.

Delivered Notifications - If a push notification is delivered, it reached the  subscriber's  browser

Clicked Notifications - If a notification is engaged or acted upon

Click-Through-Rate - The number of clicks per number of deliveries

Please Note: Push Notifications are only received by subscribers with devices and browsers that are powered ON. If a user chose to unsubscribe or  were  inactive (aka their computer/device or browser was not on) during the 24 hour delivery period, the notification cannot be delivered. 

Deleting a PushLetter

For accounts reputation management purposes you can not delete any notifications that have been successfully sent. 

PushLetters may only be deleted if they are in a 'Draft' or 'Scheduled' mode, prior to being delivered to subscribers.

To delete a PushLetter navigate to the, "My PushLetters" section of the dashboard, select the, "gear" icon, and choose, "Delete PushLetter". 

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