Creating, Customizing and Installing Your Campaign

What is a Campaign?

Creating a Campaign

Optional Settings

Customizing Your Campaign

Installing Your Campaign

Deleting a Campaign

What is a Campaign? 

A campaign is the creation of a notification that will appear on your web page, allowing your customers to subscribe to your push notifications. 

Here is an example of the one on our web page: 

Creating a Campaign

Starting in the dashboard, select "Create New Campaign". 

You will then be prompted to name your campaign, remember this can not be changed at a later time. However, you are able to make multiple campaigns. 

You will the be brought to the "Campaign Settings: 'Your Campain Name' " page. Here you will be required to enter the "Domain Name" of where you will be hosting the code for this campaign. There is no need to input http:// or https:// before your domain name. For example, if you were setting up a campaign for, you would only enter in the "Domain Name" entry field. 

Make sure to select "Save Changes" before leaving this page!

Please Note: Continue to the "Optional Settings" section of this article for information about adding a thank you page, permission delay, and tracking subscribers. For more information about the customization settings, please visit the "Customizing your Campaign" section of this article. 

Optional Settings

Adding a "Thank You Page", "Permission Box Delay" and capturing email subscribers are optional settings while creating a campaign. 

If you choose to add a Thank You Page, you will need to enter an URL where after a user subscribes they will be brought to. 

If you choose to add a permission delay, this will cause the permission box to pop up after a certain set of time (in milliseconds). 

Choosing to capture email subscribers, will have your PCN notification create a list of emails of those who subscribe. You can choose to collect their first name, add an optin form headline, and will need to connect an autoresponder. 

Please Note: Please see the FAQ article on Autoresponder Integration for more information about selecting an autoresponder account. 

Customizing the Appearance of Your Campaign

On the right side of the edit your campaign page you will see all of the customization features PCN has to offer! 

Starting from the top of this section, you are able to click on and change the test inside of the notification and choose the color of the buttons, background, and text color by selecting the tear drop icon. 

Next, you will are able to upload or choose an icon from the many we provide! This icon is the image that will appear on the notification. 

You will then be able to upload or choose a badge, this will be the image that will remain on the page if a user closes the notification and did not choose to allow push notifications.  

If you choose to upload an icon or badge, the image needs to be a jpeg, png, or gif format, and a square image around 200 x 200 works best. 

With this being said if you choose to upload a gif, it will continue to loop. Check out Snaptactix's  Notification as an example! 

In the "Positions" section you are able to change where the permission box appears, whether it be at the top left-hand corner of the page, the center, or the right-hand corner. 

You will also be able to choose whether the badge shows on the right side or left side of the webpage. 

The next section is optional, you can choose to change the language your pop up presents in by selecting one of the many languages in the drop down menu. 

After customizing your campaign, select "Save Changes"!

Installing Your Campaign

To start installing your notification select the "Gear" icon and select "Embed Code".

The following box will appear, select "Copy to clipboard" in order to copy the code.

Please Note:  This code will work only on the domain name you have specified for your campaign.

Next, navigate to your CPanel and click on the "public_html:" folder.  Double click on your page, right-click on "index.html", and then select "Edit". On the Text Editor screen, you'll need to click the "Edit" button again.  On your next screen, you need to paste the embed code. See that space with the red mark - under the body tag. It is important that you paste the code within the body tags of the code. 
It should look like this. Make sure you select "Save Changes"!

After pasting the code, go back to your web page and refresh it. You have now installed your campaign!

Deleting a Campaign

You may delete a Campaign at any time by clicking the "gear" icon then selecting "Delete Campaign" on your "Campaigns" page or in the "Campaigns" section of the dashboard.

Please Note: When deleting a Campaign, the associated subscribers will also be deleted from your PushConnectNotify account, as their information is linked directly, and only to that specific campaign. However, for campaigns set to capture email subscribers as well, contact information transferred to an Autoresponder platform will not be removed unless acted upon within the AR platform.

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